IDENTITIES is a community art project that has the goal to enhance meetings between individuals from different nationalities through the production and presentation of intimate video portraits.

As of August 2018 Take Twee will film individuals during an action that is closely connected to their personal cultural identity. The portrayed come from all points of the compass: from Gambia to Greece, from Rwanda to India, from Niger to Italy. They are being portrayed during the preparations and performances of a ritual, dance, ceremony, song, prayer, chant, etc that has great meaning for them. They also share their life story, in which ‘identity’ is the red line that goes through all these stories.

For the production of these portraits we settle down in Maastricht, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. In cooperation with partners in these cities the growing portrait gallery will be presented in the form of pop-up installations on various locations and festivals.

Partners that cooperate with Take Twee in this project are: Museum Perron Oost in Amsterdam, Docfest in Maastricht and Docfeed in Eindhoven.


IDENTITIES during Docfest Maastricht 2018